Christ Seva Medical, Education & Social Association & Vinod Kadam Mitramandal, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra created  a Largest Indian Map Rangoli measuring 60,000 square feet using 5000 kg. of rangoli colours in nine shades & 2000 small tree plants  with the help of 25 students of Pragat Kala Mahavidyalaya at Clera Bruce High School Ground,  Station Road, Ahmednagar, on January 26, 2013,  aim of these record to increased awareness about save trees. Rangoli Map also represents Unity in People,  Indian Religion, Language, Culture and Region. 26 Awareness Messages were given in this ‘MAP MESSENGER’ Rangoli.  Event was Organized By Vinod Kadam, Satish Jadhav, Atul Shinde, Ashok Autade, Prasanna Shinde, Saloman Gaikwad, Anil Shindey, Nuril Bhosale, Mahavir Sontakke & Amol Bagul and supported by Mayur Bansode, Akash Salve, Robin Jadhav, Smita Jadhav, Surekha Shinde, Sunita Shinde, Vaishali Autade, Smitish Jadhav, Sachin Godhke, Sachin Bhingardive, Nilesh Shinde, Shamshon Shinde and Asmit Shinde

Paavan S.

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