• IDENTIFY THE RECORD:  The first step is to identify the record you want to break. This can be done by researching existing records on the website of World Records India (right bar of the website) or if there is no existing record then you can send your idea of a record attempt to us by emailing info@worldrecordsindia.com. Our team will assist you in setting a record by email or over the call.

  • CHOOSE A RECORD THAT ALIGNS WITH YOUR SKILLS AND INTERESTS: Choosing a record that aligns with your skills and interests is important, as this will help you stay motivated throughout the process.

  • RESEARCH THE CURRENT RECORD: Once you have identified the record you want to break, research the current record on the website of World Records India and find out what you need to do to beat it.

  • DEVELOP A PLAN: Once you clearly understand the current record and the rules and regulations, develop a plan for how you will set/break the record. This may involve training, gathering equipment, or recruiting a team to help you.

  • SEE SPONSORSHIP OF FUNDING: If breaking the record involves significant expenses, consider seeking sponsorships or funding to support your endeavor. Approach companies, organizations, or crowdfunding platforms that may be interested in supporting your attempt.
  • TRAINING AND PREPARATION: Dedicate yourself to rigorous training and practice to build the necessary skills, endurance, and proficiency required to break the record. Seek guidance from coaches or experts if needed.

  • TEAM BUILDING: Depending on the record, you may need a team of supporters, volunteers, or professionals to assist you. Ensure everyone understands their roles and responsibilities and works together towards the common goal.

  • RECORD YOUR ATTEMPT: When attempting to set/break a record, you will need to record your attempt using video, photographic, or evidence suggested by World Records India. This evidence will be reviewed by the World Records India adjudicator to verify your achievement.

  • SUBMIT YOUR EVIDENCE: Once you have broken the record, submit your application form and then all evidence to the World Records India office for verification by emailing info@worldrecordsindia.com. If your evidence is accepted, you will be recognized as the new world record holder.

  • DOCUMENT SUBMISSION: During the record-breaking attempt, follow the guidelines provided by the record-keeping organization for documentation. Use video footage, photographs, witness statements, and any other required evidence to support your claim.  Once your attempt is completed, compile and submit all the required evidence to the record-keeping organization for verification. Follow their specific submission.  guidelines and ensure the evidence is clear, well-documented, and meets their criteria.

  • APPROVAL OR DISQUALIFICATION: The record-keeping organization will review your evidence and provide a decision on whether you have successfully broken the record. If verified, you will be recognized as the new record holder.