On the occasion 72nd Birthday of Hon. Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi.  Kantilal Amrutiya known as “Kanabhai” Kantilal Amrutiya known as “Kanabhai” 5 terms MLA of 65 Morbi-Maliya Constituency in Gujarat organized a Tribute program and displayed a total of 756 photos of people who died in Corona Pandemic and also performed “Ayushya Yagna” for the longevity of Hon.PMO of India Shri, Narendra Modi, with the support of Pujya Bhai Shree Ramesh Ojha. Genius Foundation & World Records of India feel immensely proud and privileged to present a certificate in appreciation for their outstanding, dedicated, and yeoman service to the Nations in fighting against Novel Corona (Covid-19).

Paavan S.

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