Mr. Lalit Kumar founded Kavita Kosh ( on 05 July 2006 and gradually involved online community of volunteers to develop this library. As on 26 June 2013, Kavita Kosh has 60,229 pages containing poetry. Another part of this library, Gadya Kosh ( has 9,424 pages of prose literature. Mr. Lalit Kumar is the Founder-Director of this project. Other top volunteers are: Mr. Anil Janvijay, Mr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh, Ms. Pratishtha Sharma, Mr. Ashok Shukla, Mr. Ashish Purohit, Mr. Neeraj Daiya, Ms. Sharda Suman, Mr. Dwijendra Dwij, Mr. Prakash Badal, Ms. Shrddha Jain, Ms. Mani Gupta and Mr. Pradeep Jilwane.

Mr. Lalit Kumar started and developed Kavita Kosh ( as the world’s largest web-based library of Indian Literature. Mr. Kumar began this project on 05 July 2006 and gradually involved online community of volunteers in the development of this library. Today, Kavita Kosh has more than 60,000 pages containing poetry from Indian languages like Hindi, Urdu, Rajasthani, Marathi, Gujarati, Maithili, Bhojpuri etc. There are folk songs from over 25 Indian languages and dialects. Poetry from over 40 foreign language translated into Hindi is also available. A sister website called Gadya Kosh ( has more than 10,000 pages containing Indian prose literature in the form of novels, stories, short stories, essays, articles, plays, diaries, travelogues etc. Kavita Kosh is free to access and has been built totally on voluntary support from Mr. Kumar and other volunteers.

At present, Kavita Kosh and Gadya Kosh receive close to half a million visitors every month and they read about two million pages from this treasure of Indian Literature. Works of over 2500 poets and authors, from classic to contemporary, are available in these two websites. Kavita Kosh is working in collaboration with agencies around the world to make an online collection of Hindi poetry written by poets of foreign countries where Hindi is a native language. Such a collection on Mauritian Hindi poetry has already been developed.

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