Mukundbhai Prahladji Brahmakshatriya (Age:80, Residence : PATAN (North Gujarat, India) since a long time. He is a well known historian. He has written novel, poems and essays also. He is a versatile writer. He has authored 45 books of different subjects.

He has written 10,000 ( ten thousand) Haikus (short poem in Gujarati language) and published it in ten volumes. The following are the titles, each consists of one thousand.

1. Mara Dash Hajar Hiku
2. Mara Dash Hiku Satak
3. Hiku Shahstra
4. Shahastra Dal Kamal
5. Shahastra Ratnakar
6. Shahastra Tarala
7. Shahastra Ratnakar
8. Shahastra Motimala
9. Shahastra Mauktik
10. Shahastra Linge  Shahastra Padma.

Thus , Mr. Mukundbhai P. Brahmakshatriya has contributed a lot in Gujarati literature by writing 10,000 Hikus  in Gujarati Language. World Record India really proud him. personally congratulate him and awarded World Record India Certificate on August 2nd 2011

Paavan S.

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