Most Number of Coconut Pilling by Teeth – Gautam Varma


In a bid to create a world record, Gautam Varma, a native of Patlugrama village of Karnataka’s Ramnagar District peeled three coconuts with his teeth in 42 seconds here on Tuesday.
Dreaming of doing something unique in his life, Varma has been peeling coconuts with his teeth for over 15 years.

Earlier, he had made a record of pulling a Maruti 800 car by his ears.

Varma also claimed that he can climb 40 feet coconut trees holding a bicycle in his mouth, and can even balance a motorcycle for half-an-hour without holding or touching the handle.

“There is a world record of peeling 51 coconuts using the teeth. My name has been enrolled in Limca Book of Records for pulling a Maruti 800 car from my ears. I can climb a 40-feet coconut tree holding a bicycle in my mouth, said Varma.

“I can even do stunts on a running motorcycle for half-an-hour without holding it. I want to set a record in Guinness Book of Records, and for I have been practicing hard with coconuts,” he added.

Paavan S.

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