HRADYESH – Worlds first handcrafted masterpiece Super Ultra Luxury Car Manufacturing co. is First to conceptualize, introduce, manufacture and launch -Handcrafted Masterpiece Super Ultra Luxury Car, Hot Rod, Street Rod, Muscle Car, Custom Car in India and globally. Morris Street
launched at a price of INR 2.7 Crores making it the most expensive Ultra luxury car by an Indian origin Luxury car manufacturing co. HRADYESH first to manufacture unique Ultra Luxury Cars exclusively on Invitation only via ; Brand is first to promote exclusive concepts, Morris street is driven across every state capital in first of its kind “All India Road show” and represents India globally. Brand’s Founding Director & CEO – Mr. Hradyesh Kumar Namdeo is a dynamic visionary entrepreneur and his thought “Dream first to realize your dream” imbibed into every exclusive offering by the global ultra luxury brand.

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