Dr Haris Gershom  (Born on June 1st, 1943),  Professor, V.P. Science College of Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Anand, invented new musical therapy instruments named as “Harishophone relaxation mind machine, THNMS” and ‘Harishophone musical instrument.   He can hold five musical instruments keeping his both the hand free and can play at a time. Dr Haris Gershom has developed unique music therapy to calm down the brain waves & removes body pain..  He can create musical notes up to three octaves keeping the length of the saw blade as small as possible. In his demonstration in front of International Conference at Bangalore University at Bangalore & International Musical Competition, USA, they have considered his research work as genuine research in music therapy & honoured special Award.for playing most originally on Saw Blade. He is also recipient of state award by Chief Minister of Gujarat & National Award as a” Best Ventriloquist in India “at New Delhi (National Festival 1982)

Paavan S.

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