World’s Biggest Decorative Rakhi

 World’s Biggest Decorative Rakhi

On the occasion of Universal Brotherhood Raksha Bandhan Festival ,  Brahmakumaris, Bangalore  made Largest Rakhi measuring 40feet high and 400 feet wide, made up of steel rods, styrofoam, silk cloth, ribbon/lace, bamboo mats, flex colour prints, rope, besides other decorative materials. An over 150 artisans worked for over a month to erect the giant rakhi and displayed on August 17, 2013 at Brahma Kumaris, Bull Temple Road,  Bangalore.  Event was supported and organized by Rajayogini Brahma Kumari Padmaji, sub zonal director of Brahma Kumaris Chamarajapet, Bangalore.

Paavan S.

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