In what could be an attempt at adopting a corporate culture, the Kerala Soaps Limited is having a go at making the largest ever floral carpet in the world in Kozhikode. This is close on the heels of a multinational company attempting the same at a convention centre in Thrissur.

The ‘Manavamaithri Snehapookkalam’, a symbol of peace and communal harmony, will be made at Swapnanagari in Kozhikode in the presence of representatives from the Guinness Book of World Records.

While the minimum size of the floral carpet will be 17,000 sq.ft in a 30,000 sq.ft area, the maximum size could be much more, say the organisers. Fourteen tonnes of flowers in seven colours will be used in the floral carpet, designed by eminent artist C K Suresh. The seven colours represent the seven continents in the world. The carpet will be completed under the guidance of six eminent art directors and under the supervision of 200 experts. The floral carpet, which is expected to be completed in three hours, will be open for public on August 22 and 23.  The finance for the same will be shelled out by the Kerala Soaps, which has overcome the financial crisis it was in to make a profit of over Rs 10 lakh since April. The Thrill soap was the major factor in turning the tide in favour of the Kerala Soaps, that was in financial doldrums in a not-so-distant past. As many as 1,500 people will participate in arranging the floral carpet. The miniature version of this mega floral carpet design will also be created in more than 1000 houses in Kozhikode. Residents’ associations will also be treated with a surprise visit by Maveli to witness the miniature floral carpets in their houses.

The Kerala Soaps, the main sponsors of this event, will also be distributing gift kits to selected houses. Apart from the residents’ associations, the Kozhikode Corporation, various merchant associations and other organisations, eminent personalities from the various fields will take part in the mega-event.

Paavan S.

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