World’s Largest Outdoor Laundry (Dhobi Ghat)

 World’s Largest Outdoor Laundry (Dhobi Ghat)

“Mahalaxmi Dhobi Ghat” in Mumbai city, Maharashtra, its largest outdoor laundry (Dhobi Ghat) developed by Dhobi Kalyan & Audhyogik Vikas Co – op. Society Ltd. Over 5000 Dhobis (Laundryman) from 200 families, wash 100,000 cloths per day on 731 washing pens (each fitted with a beating stone). Each Dhobi stands at their washing stone for up to 16 hours in a Day and its remains open daily 24 hours and it is situated at Saat Rasta near Mahalaxmi Station, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Paavan S.

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