Zee News, “My Earth, My Duty,” is an initiative that aims to raise awareness on climate change. Launched June 5, 2010 Campaign, which aims to involve different sectors of society to raise awareness and encourage them to take concrete steps to mitigate the effects of climate change. As a result, August 25, 2010 was a record by planting over 73 trees in one day LAC entire length and breadth of the country covering more than 34 cities and more than one hand of the village, which is involved in more than one crore volunteering. This campaign is one of its kinds, which not only reached the grassroots level in India, but with the youth of India in collaboration with several influential youngClimate Change and Environment has been key to the survival of the human race and living organisms on Earth. In the future, this campaign will be the theme as one of the initiatives of mass awareness, to motivate people to change behaviors to fight against the threat of climate change and environmental degradation, and more the important role each of us can play in saving our Mother land.

The campaign was developed with an innovative design for all possible aspects of the population reaches a significant efficiency in the entire nation. From now on, the campaign took place not only in national languages ​​in local languages, and each of the media in all channels ZNL.

Commenting on the award on behalf of Zee News Ltd, Barun Das (CEO) said: “Climate change is the biggest challenge for us. As a responsible news channel, we felt it was our duty to play a significant role in promoting causes that are important to us. our communities and our future generations, I am pleased that the effort has been so great public support. ”

Speaking on behalf of Zee News, Rohit Kumar (social marketing) said: “When Zee News has decided to take a case, the countries also decided to stay with him, I’m glad World Records has recognized our efforts;. We continue to campaign this type of mass participation in the future.

Zee News’s ‘My Earth My Duty‘ set World  Records 2010-2011 Video


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