An album release program held at Nepal Tourism board featured the album Atithi by Probably the world’s youngest singer Athiti Gautam K.C. who is only three years old. The album was released by honorable Musician Ambar Gurung.
Prepared by Orbit Publishers, Album Atithi has 9 songs. Looking at the talent of singer Athiti who is unable even to recognize alphabets orbit publishers put together this effort to expose her singing ability in the international arena.

No records have been found yet in the Guinness book of world record of a child singer at this early age, further process to record the singer Athiti Gautam K.C. and her album Athiti in the Guinness book is in progress.

Atithi Gautam K. C Facts and Profile

–          Atithi Gautam K. C., daughter of Uddhab K. C.(renowned Singer of Nepal) and Angur K. C. was born on 2006 October 16.

–          Atithi started singing at the age of 2, imitating her elder sister Ushna K. C. and released her own solo album entitled “Atithi” consisting 9 songs along with national anthem at the age of 3 on 18 July 2010 at Nepal Tourism Board. During album release ceremony she performed three songs live from her own album including national anthem simultaneously with live orchestra amazing chief guest Ambar gurung(Vice chancellor of Nepal Music Academy) and huge mass of national and international media and audiences.

–  Surprisingly, she has good memory to grasp the lyrics, hit the perfect  notes, keep the beat and understand the melody.

– Before this also, at the age of 2, she has performed live on state owned Television, radio station and various concert venues astonishing the huge audiences.

-The Prime Minister and vice president of Nepal, Renowned bollywood actress Manisha Koirala are few among many other national and international dignitaries who considered her a musical prodigy of Nepal.

–  International Media like Reuters, CCTV, Hindustan times, AP, AFP, Xinhua, CNN and other renowned media as well as national media were the witness of the event.


Paavan S.

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