The Great Story-Wall is a 100metre long banner on digital art, the design of which is based on myths, legends and indigenous stories of Eastern Himalayas. The feat is also setting a World Record( Limca Book of Records 2010) on the Tuesday at Paljor Namgyal Girls High School in Gangtok.

The Great Story Wall Project, however, isn’t only about creating a world record feat. It extends to a 6-month travel based storytelling tour (along with the banner) across various cities of the country beginning from Bangalore, the base of Acoustic Traditional ,continuing its journey to Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkatta, Delhi,Darjeeling,Shillong, Imphal, Itanagar that will also bring the support and involvement of various folklore-based organizations(NGO”s) ,government agencies and youth organizations of the city/state.said Salil Mukhia  designer and founder of Bangalore based NGO Acoustic Traditional.

The display of the 100 metre long banner on digital art. The design/art is based on the myths, legends and stories shared by various storytellers during the Indigenous storytellers’ Fest conducted in Gangtok this year which was the first meeting of indigenous storytellers ever held in South Asia. The stories that will comprise the backdrop of the present artwork are mainly from ethnic groups of  Sikkim and Eastern Himalayas like the Lepchas, Limboos, Bhutias,Gurungs, Rai , Apatani, Mayeti and other groups like  Paniyars from Nilgiris and Potwas from West Bengal with whom Acoustic Traditional had worked with in the past, he said.

The 100 metre banner is  setting a World Record for being the longest  banner of its kind and is declared a record by  the Limca book of records  today at the Palzor Namgyal School in Gangtok.The banner will be displayed for a week and would reach out to school /college students and tourists  and the people of Gangtok over the week informed.

The Great Story-Wall Project primarily aims to build interest and awareness in folklore among the youth and also engage the media and all stakeholders  towards the promotion of  our tradition of oral storytelling  and preservation of our disappearing folklores and indigenous knowledge.The Great Story-Wall is a befitting tribute to all the storytellers, to whom we owe so much, yet seldom acknowledged.

Acoustic Traditional is an NGO that  works to promote indigenous stories and their ethnic storytellers,to creatively communicate the role of stories in preserving the ethnic identities and traditional wisdom and to interest more storytellers through the Indigenous Storytellers Fest organized annually.

We invite you to attend the event of the display of the banner and help to reach out to youth and various stakeholders for promoting our tradition of oral storytelling.

Paavan S.

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