Longest Running Trains of Indian Railway – Deccan Queen Express


Passengers, who frequently travel by the Deccan Queen Express, held a birthday party at Maharashtra’s Pune railway station on Tuesday to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the train.
“Deccan Queen started on June 01, 1930. This was the high-speed train, which was introduced for the passengers. It is a non-stop train. It has a dining car. Dogs and pass-holders were also permitted to travel in this train,” said Payal, a passenger.
“This train also has coaches for the ladies. This train became famous for the facilities that it provides to its passengers and hence became world class. Its name is there in the Limca Book of Records,” she added.
Deccan Queen, which is one of the longest running trains of Indian Railways, covers a distance of 192 kilometers one way and has the distinction of never running on steam power.
“I feel so proud of working in such a train. It is a very important passenger train for the Indian Railways and I am very proud to drive such a train,” said P Mishra, the driver of the Deccan Queen Express.
The train departs from Pune to Mumbai at 7.15 a.m. and reaches Mumbai at 10:30 a.m. It departs from Mumbai the same day at 5.10 p.m. and reaches Pune Station at 8:25 p.m.
“I have been travelling in this train for the past four years. This is like my second home. All the pass-holders in this train are like my sisters and mothers. This train has given me a lot in these four years,” said Rekha, a passenger.
Deccan Queen is a daily means of transport for thousands of passengers travelling between Pune and Mumbai.
It is a prestigious train of the Indian Railways and is the only train in India to get the ISO 9000 certification.

Deccan Queen Express Train India – 81st Birthday. Mumbai Video

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