biggest_cake_Yash_actor_bangalore_world_recordOn the occasions of birthday celebration of NAVEEN KUMAR GOWDA aka “ROCKING STAR YASH” an Indian Film Actor From Kannada Cinema. MR. VENU GOWDA made the Largest Birthday Cake measuring 70 ft. Long x 40 ft. Width in total 2813 sq. feet and weighing 5700 Kgs. using 50 Kgs. of Dry Fruits, 1800 Kgs. of Flour 1150 Kgs of Sugar 1750 Kgs. of Butter Cream, 50Kgs. of Ghee and 22,500 Eggs and it is being displayed on 7th January 2020 at Nandi Links Ground, Pantarapalya, Nayanda Halli, Bengaluru, Karnataka. The cake was prepared by SRI RAM BHAVAN SWEETS & BAKERY with the help of 20 team members within 96 men hours to make this Birthday Cake.