Largest Collection of Verity Coins & Currencies

Jayesh Kumar (born on April, 21, 1986) of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu has collected 1059 Coins & Currencies from different Countries. His collection includes various variety of coins and currency like Ancient coins, Punch mark coins, Silver coin, Large coin, Guitar Shaped Coin, Car Shaped Coin, Eiffel Tower Shaped Coin, Animal Shaped Coin, Bike Shaped Coin, Bamboo Coins, Bullet Shaped Coins, Geometric Shaped Coin, Plastic currency, Hybrid polymer currency, Cloth money, Bamboo money, Fancy no currency, World’s first smallest currency, Gold currency, One side printed currency, Handmade currency, Lowest denomination currency, No Denomination currency, Personality currency, World’s first polymer currency as on March 18, 2015

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