Most Tree Plantation in 24 Hours in Multiple Locations

Collectorate Office and Social Forestry Division Patan, planted 13,49,896 Trees in 24 Hours in Multiple Locations on 3rd and 4th August 2011, at  Patan District,  North Gujarat, India. Total Area covered for plantation is 5.3999 sq.kms and over 30,000 people participated including NGO’s and Educational Institutes. Aim of this event is to support Global Warming and Stop Kutch Desert from Expanding.

Supported Organizations
Collector Office, Patan,
Social Forestry Division, Patan.
District Rural Development Agency, Patan
Gurjarwada Youth Club, Patan,
M. K. Education Campus, Patan,
Art of Living Foundation, Patan
Lions Club of Patan.


Event Manage by World Records India and World Amazing Records.


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